David is a multidisciplinary and multidimensional artist living  in Portland Oregon. Currently David has been busy as one half of the brutal prog rock band TEVLIN  , working hard on the band’s second LP. David has been playing live music and recording since 2004 in numerous bands around the midwest Michigan rock scene until relocating to Portland Oregon in 2009. Past projects include The Open Door, Skylark, The Camerata, Orangutangular, Language, The ModernAssJazzSingers, and Yard. In addition to these bands David has a varied output as a solo recording artist, recording 11 solo albums since 2011. David’s solo work is of an experimental and spiritual nature, focusing on the extremes of noise and clarity with an obsession on rhythm. Recording engineer, insane guitar shredding acrobat, improviser, composer, bandleader, visual artist, poet, coffee roaster, unyieldingly subversive independent mind, and whatever. David lives in Se Portland with his muse Mary Weisenburger in their studio compound/ place of worship Krishnahaus.


Digital Solo Discography 

My resources are limited, I appreciate any help